Explore and discover the breathtaking regions of Namibia

The incredible diversity of Namibia's landscapes are unparalleled in Africa

Where to Go in Namibia
Onguma Bush Camp Etosha Namibia Luxury Family Safaris

Namibia is a uniquely diverse destination, perfect for a luxury family safari.

Commence your family adventure at Sossusvlei, where the towering red sand dunes form a surreal tableau against the desert backdrop. Next journey to the Skeleton Coast, with its haunting shipwrecks and untamed beauty, and teeming with cape seals.

Most visitors then discover the Damaraland to discover ancient rock engravings and the resilient desert-adapted elephants, emblematic of nature’s endurance in harsh environments.

Venturing further, the renowned Etosha National Park becomes a focal point, boasting a vast salt pan surrounded by a unique blend of wildlife. Here, witness the iconic scenes of herds converging around the waterholes, creating a spectacle of untamed life.

Where to Go in Namibia
Damaraland Luxury Family Safaris
Often said to be 'Africa for beginners', Namibia is a spectacular family safari holiday destination
From rolling sand dunes to the foreboding Atlantic, Big Five game drives to unforgettable experiences with the San people, Namibia safari holidays offer something for all the family.
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Damaraland Camp Damaraland Namibia Luxury Family Safaris
Our favourite places for a Namibia safari

Sossusvlei – One of Namibia’s most iconic landmarks, Sossusvlei is a salt and clay pan surrounded by sand dunes that can reach hundreds of metres tall. Most famous for its views from a Hot Air Balloon, you can explore by self-drive or 4×4 or visit the famous Big Daddy and the 80 m high Dune 45, where you can climb to the top for some superb views.

Skeleton Coast – With its name deriving from the infamous shipwrecks littering its shore, the Skeleton Coast is a remote and hauntingly beautiful addition to your family safari. Explore the unique desert-adapted wildlife of the area, take a boat or kayak trip to see the Cape fur seals, or whizz around the dunes on a quad bike excursion.

Etosha National Park – Spanning over 22,000 square kilometres of semi-arid savannah, salt pans, and acacia woodlands, Etosha is Namibia’s premier game destination. Waterholes around the pan draw an astonishing diversity of wildlife, from large herds of  elephants wallowing in the water, to lions, leopards, rhinos, giraffes, and countless others all enjoying the natural environment. The well-maintained roads allow families to self-drive through the park. 

Damaraland – Remote and sparsely populated, the Damaraland is perfect for families wanting to get off the beaten track. The rocky landscape is home to burning red mountains, phenomenal ancient rock art sites at Twyfelfontein and unique opportunities to meet local nomadic tribes for which the area is named.

Hoanib Valley Camp Skeleton Coast Namibia Luxury Family Safaris
Namibia - Africa for Beginners

Namibia family safaris are the ideal launching off point for future adventures in Africa.

Often dubbed “Africa for Beginners,” Namibia presents an ideal introduction to the continent’s diverse wonders with its unique blend of accessibility and extraordinary landscapes. Unlike some of its more rugged neighbors, Namibia boasts well-maintained roads and a tourism infrastructure that facilitates a comfortable and independent holiday.

The sparsity of tourists allows families to immerse themselves in Namibia’s famed wildlife free of hassle and stress, and the contrast of the surreal landscapes, such as the otherworldly Skeleton Coast and the vastness of the Namib Desert, provides a unique and memorable introduction to the continent’s geographical diversity.


Skeleton Coast Luxury Family Safaris Namibia
Namibia - Home of the Extraordinary

Tucked away on Africa’s South Western corner, it would be easy to overlook Namibia. But that would mean missing some of Africa’s most extraordinary landscapes.

Africa’s largest canyon, the Fish River Canyon stretches for almost 160 km into the south of Namibia, reaching depths of 550 metres in some places. Tackle the mighty multi-day Fish River Canyon Trail during the cooler winter months or simply drive between stunning viewpoints at the edge of the canyon.

Namibia also boasts Africa’s oldest desert, The Namib stretches for more than 2,000 kilometres along the Atlantic coasts of Angola, Namibia and Northwestern South Africa. Challenged only by the Atacama Desert for its aridity and age, the area is thought to have been dry for 55-80 million years, making it one of the oldest deserts in the world.

The magnificent dunes of Namibia are some of the largest in the world, with ‘Big Daddy’ in Sossusvlei standing at 325 metres tall whilst Dune 7, near Walvis Bay, towers at over 383 metres, earning it the designation of the highest dune in Namibia.

If you’re family relish the extraordinary, Namibia is the perfect destination.

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