Selinda Explorers Camp

An authentic, exclusive tented camp in a prime spot for big game

Selinda Explorers Camp

Selinda Explorers is the perfect destination for a luxury family safari in Botswana, with its understated, elegant camp design and impeccable service. 

Housing only ten guests and located in a prime game spot, this camp is ideal for families wanting to get off the tourist trail and into the wild. 

Camp life centres around the Bedouin-style main living area, furnished with campaign-style furniture and traditional Zanzibari soft furnishings. Guests can sit back around the traditional fire pit, feet in the sand, sharing stories of their day’s adventures.

Every tent has its own rustic charm, combining the canvas canopy with luxurious Persian carpets, hot showers and private verandas. The conjoining family room means that kids are reassuringly close, but have their own bathroom, dressing room and washbasin. 

As well as day and night game drives, guided walks, and fishing, guests can try something different at Selinda Explorers. The whole family can enjoy the unique experience of canoeing along the nearby Selinda Spillway, and kids can partake in the Young Explorers Programme – learning about animal calls, tracking wildlife and becoming a Young Explorer and Conservation Ambassador. 

Plan your stay
Coral Tree luxury rating

Number of rooms

4, including a two bedroom family tent


Linyanti Wetlands

Child Policy

10 years and older

Why we love it

‘I love the sheer range of activities on offer here. Drives to see the best game in the area, canoeing along the Selinda Spillway and the Young Explorers Programme mean the whole family are occupied’


Tess, Coral Tree founder

Key Highlights & Amenities
  • Located in the private 130,000-hectare (320,000-acre) Selinda Reserve of northern Botswana
  • Prime game - lions, leopards, cheetahs, and the recently discovered Explorers Pack of resident pack of African wild dogs
  • Bedouin-style living area, fire pit under the stars and private verandas
  • Day and night game drives, guided walks, canoeing and the Young Explorers Programme
Talk to us about your next big adventure.
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Talk to us about your next big adventure.
Call: +44 (0) 1242 908 720  or   Request a quote
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    Accommodation Type: Safari Lodges
    Lebala Camp
    Location: Linyanti Wetlands

    Our Luxury Rating

    Vast wilderness within the remote Kwando Concession

    Lodge Details
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    Accommodation Type: Safari Lodges
    Lagoon Camp
    Location: Linyanti Wetlands

    Our Luxury Rating

    On the banks of the Kwando River with exceptional wildlife viewing

    Lodge Details

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