Namibian Honeymoon Escape

Our curated honeymoon itinerary promises unforgettable Namibian moments


Guide Price

From £9,925 per person (based on 2 adults)


14 nights

Best Months

July - October



At-a-Glance Trip Summary

Embark on a romantic odyssey through the breathtaking landscapes of Namibia.

Day Destination Accommodation Basis Nights
Day 1 - 3 Central Namibia Habitas FI 2 Nights
Day 3 - 5 The NamibRand Kwessi Dunes Lodge FI 2 Nights
Day 5 - 7 Swakopmund Strand Hotel B&B 2 Nights
Day 8 - 9 Damaraland Damaraland Camp FI 2 Nights
Day 10 - 11 Ongava Private Reserve Anderssons Camp FI 2 Nights
Day 12 - 13 Onguma Game Reserve Onguma Bush Camp D, B&B 2 Nights
Day 14 - 15 Okonjima Nature Reserve Okonjima Bush Suite FI 2 Nights
  • Day 1 - 3
    Destination Central Namibia
    Accommodation Habitas
    Basis FI
    Nights 2 Night
  • Day 3 - 5
    Destination The NamibRand
    Accommodation Kwessi Dunes Lodge
    Basis FI
    Nights 2 Night
  • Day 5 - 7
    Destination Swakopmund
    Accommodation Strand Hotel
    Basis B&B
    Nights 2 Night
  • Day 8 - 9
    Destination Damaraland
    Accommodation Damaraland Camp
    Basis FI
    Nights 2 Night
  • Day 10 - 11
    Destination Ongava Private Reserve
    Accommodation Anderssons Camp
    Basis FI
    Nights 2 Night
  • Day 12 - 13
    Destination Onguma Game Reserve
    Accommodation Onguma Bush Camp
    Basis D, B&B
    Nights 2 Night
  • Day 14 - 15
    Destination Okonjima Nature Reserve
    Accommodation Okonjima Bush Suite
    Basis FI
    Nights 2 Night


  • B&B: Bed and Breakfast
  • D,B&B: Dinner, Bed and Breakfast
  • FI: Fully Inclusive – Bed, All Meals, Fees and Activities
  • Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15

    Central Namibia

    Situated on a 51,000-hectare private reserve only 45 minutes from Windhoek’s International Airport, Habitas resides within the arid savannahs of Central Namibia.

    Nestled between the Namib Desert to the west and the Kalahari to the east, Central Namibia is often overlooked as an destination. Travellers have the opportunity to relax in the warm waters of the Cross Barmen Hot Springs, observe a diverse array of wildlife, and discover the pristine allure of the stunning Erongo Mountains.

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    Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15

    The NamibRand

    Encompassing an expanse of 172,200 hectares and comprising four distinct ecosystems, the NamibRand Reserve in southern Namibia stands out as one of the largest privately owned game parks in Southern Africa.

    Established with the aim of preserving the unique environment and wildlife species of the Namib Desert, the park’s diverse landscape, featuring dunes, mountains, rocky outcrops, sandy flats, and gravel plains, provides habitats for a variety of mammals, including hyenas, jackals, foxes, antelopes, and various wild cats.

    Explore the enigmatic ‘fairy circles,’ mysterious bare patches in the sand, or take a day trip to the majestic sand dunes of Sossusvlei.

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    Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15


    Nestled along the picturesque Atlantic coast of Namibia, Swakopmund is a charming seaside town that beckons with its unique blend of natural beauty, adventure, and German colonial history. 

    The town’s defining feature is its coastal setting, with the rolling dunes of the Namib Desert on one side and the vast expanse of the South Atlantic Ocean on the other. This juxtaposition creates a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Activities like sandboarding, dune buggy rides, and quad biking provide thrilling adventures amidst the iconic dunes of the Namib Desert.

    Swakopmund’s Germanic roots are made evident by its colonial architecture, quaint coffee shops, bakeries, and beer gardens, allowing visitors to savour traditional German cuisine and beverages.

    And as a gateway to the seal-laden Sandwich Bay and the otherworldly Moon Valley, carved by the Swakop River, Swakopmund is the ideal base from which to explore Namibia’s most diverse natural landscapes.

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    Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15


    Uncover the culture rich home of Ancient San rock art

    The Damaraland is a remote and sparsely populated region, ideal for travellers who want to avoid the tourist trail. 

    Named for the Damara ethnic group which hail from this region, the Damaraland offers a unique mix of desert-adapted wildlife – sustained by ancient watercourses snaking through the landscape – and phenomenal rock art. 

    The renowned ancient San bushmen artworks are a sight to behold and can be witnessed at various sites such as the Brandberg Mountain, Twyfelfontein and Spitzkoppe. The rock art is believed to date back 6,000 years, and it provides valuable insights into many aspects of the lives of indigenous hunter-gatherers in this area.


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    Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15

    Ongava Private Reserve

    Etosha National Park, a renowned park and one of Africa’s largest, spans over 22,000 square kilometres of semi-arid savannah, salt pans, and acacia woodlands. The unique ecosystem supports a remarkable array of flora and fauna.

    Etosha’s defining feature is the immense Etosha Pan, a vast salt flat visible from space, which serves as the park’s heart. Waterholes around the pan draw an astonishing diversity of wildlife, from large herds of  elephants wallowing in the water, to lions, leopards, rhinos, giraffes, and countless others all enjoying the natural environment. 

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    Onguma Game Reserve

    Situated east of Etosha, bordering Fisher’s Pan, Onguma Game Reserve is one of Namibia’s best-kept secrets.

    Over 34,000 hectares of protected land are home to a variety of wildlife, including black rhino, kudu, giraffe, zebra, lion, cheetah, leopard. Birders will also be in heaven with more than 300 species migrating to the pan every year.

    The neighbouring Etosha National Park is home to a rich array of wildlife, including four of the Big 5. Visitors can enjoy game drives, guided walks and rhino research drives within the private reserve as well as wildlife safaris into Etosha National Park to view abundant game in the largest national park in Namibia.

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    Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15

    Okonjima Nature Reserve

    The Okonjima Nature Reserve – from the Herero word meaning place of the baboons – is located on the well-known Waterberg Plateau, halfway between Etosha and Windhoek.

    The reserve spans over 200 kilometres and includes some of the best opportunities to spot big cats and the elusive leopard in Namibia. The reserve is home to the AfriCat Foundation, founded by the Hanssen family in 1990s to further the efforts to conserve Namibia’s threatened leopard population.

    Learn about the Foundation’s conservation efforts on game drives through the reserve, spotting their tracked cats as you go. If you are lucky, you’ll also be able to spot the endangered pangolin and brown hyena.

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  • Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15


    Habitas Namibia is a five-star lodge set within its own 51,000 hectare private nature reserve, only 45 minutes from Windhoek.

    12 stylish Savannah Rooms sit elevated on the top of a hill, boasting breath-taking views from their private decks. 

    At Habitas in Namibia, guests can embark on a truly immersive and unforgettable experience. Adventures begin each day with a delightful daily breakfast, setting the tone for a day exploring the nature reserve’s plentiful wildlife – from rhino to wildebeest

    The sunsets come alive with the captivating Sunset Safari Drive, while an intimate and enchanting Private Candlelight Dinner & Stargazing session offers a truly memorable experience. For something a little different, guests can rise with the sun for an invigorating Sunrise Safari Drive, or opt for a deeper connection to the land with a Bush Walk guided by the San Bushmen. 

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    Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15

    Kwessi Dunes Lodge

    Kwessi Dunes Lodge is a brand-new safari camp located in the heart of the vast NamibRand Nature Reserve; the perfect spot from which to explore Sossusvlei’s rolling dunes nearby.

    The camp has been designed to relish the vastness of the landscapes that surround it. The never-ending red desert plains stretch out all around and the huge night sky – preserved as Africa’s first designated Dark Sky Reserve – will truly take your breath away. 

    In camp you’ll find 12 sympathetically designed chalets, all with the luxury of air-conditioning and boasting their own ‘star gazer’ room, the perfect spot to wile away a few evening hours.

    Activities can be as active or as relaxed as you desire, with game drives through the iconic red dunes of Sossusvlei on offer as well as nature walks tracking the desert-adapted wildlife.

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    Strand Hotel

    Positioned on the Swakopmund mole, the Strand Hotel boasts stunning panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean on three sides. 

    Its modern and stylish design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding natural beauty of Swakopmund, and only a five minute walk from the town’s historic centre is the perfect base for exploring. 

    Guests at the Strand Hotel can choose from a range of well-appointed rooms and suites, each thoughtfully designed to provide the utmost in comfort and convenience.

    The culinary experience at the Strand Hotel is a highlight, with an array of restaurants offering a diverse range of international and local cuisines. Brewer & Butcher’s specialises in Namibian and German meat dishes, mirroring the history of Swakopmund, whilst the sea-facing terrace of the Ocean Cellar is an ideal spot for some sundowner cocktails. 

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    Damaraland Camp

    Damaraland Camp is an elegantly designed lodge, nestled in the rocky expanse of the Huab River Valley, one of the best wilderness spots in Namibia. 

    Run in partnership with the Torra Conservancy, Damaraland Camp is run with community at its heart. A visit to the local Nama-Damara, Herero, and Owambo peoples, will be a real highlight of your stay as well as an enlightening insight into the hard realities of their history in Namibia. 

    Featuring 10 elevated adobe-style thatched suites, families can stay in luxurious comfort. Enjoy the spectacular sunrise from your elevated deck with a morning cup of tea, or marvel at the famous Namibian night sky as you retreat back to your cosy room. The spacious two-bedroomed family suite offers two bathrooms and a shared outdoor deck, allowing for families to enjoy both private and shared spaces. 

    If this is your one stop in the Damaraland, ensure you opt for a day trip to visit the UNESCO Twyfelfontein rock engravings – a must-see for the area. 

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    Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15

    Anderssons Camp

    The new Anderssons Camp on the Ongava Private Reserve seamlessly blends luxury with a safari adventure.

    Centred around a bustling waterhole, the main camp offers open-air dining for meals under the stars and an infinity pool for afternoon dips.

    The luxury suites all boast natural materials, indoor/outdoor showers and a private viewing deck with 180-degree panorama. Unique to the camp, the innovative roof design of the rooms ensures a climate-controlled temperature and keeps guests comfortable throughout their stay. 

    With its thoughtful design, luxurious accommodations, and enriching activities, Anderssons Camp stands out as an exciting honeymoon destination within the Ongava Private Reserve.


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    Onguma Bush Camp

    Onguma Bush Lodge is a luxury safari lodge located in the Onguma Private Reserve near Etosha National Park

    The lodge offers 18 comfortable suites, each with indoor and outdoor showers, fireplaces, and patios. The lounge and dining areas overlook the stunning Onkulu waterhole that affords great opportunities to see nature at play around the clock.                     

    One of the most unique experiences offered by the lodge is the Dream Cruiser, which is a custom-built Land Cruiser featuring a full bathroom on the lower deck and a bedroom on the upper deck. Enjoy an al fresco picnic-style dining under the starry Namibian night sky and experience the old-world safari magic. 

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    Okonjima Bush Suite

    The Okonjima Bush Suite is nestled in the secluded Okonjima Valley and boasts impressive views of the sandstone Omboroko Mountains.

    With only two luxury suites, the camp is perfect for small groups looking for an exclusive bush experience. Enjoy a private chef-designed kitchen, wood-burning fireplace and swimming pool as well as a team of dedicated chefs and hosts to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

    Embark on game drives through the reserve, spotting their tracked cats as you go. Families will also love the Off-The-Beaten-Track walk which provides a stimulating insight into the flora and fauna, as well as the culture of Namibia.

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  • Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15

    Big five safari

    Lion, leopard, African elephant, rhinoceros, Cape buffalo – otherwise known as the Big Five, and for many safari goers the ultimate species to see in the wild.

    Originally named by big game hunters as the most difficult and dangerous species to target, today the term Big Five safari is more commonly associated with showcasing these spectacular animals in their natural habitat.

    Habitas’ private nature reserve offers a great opportunity to check a few of these off your list almost immediately.

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    Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15

    Hot air balloon safari

    Few experiences are as evocative as a hot air balloon safari over the African wilderness, and it’s an adventure that holds a special place in our hearts.

    Gliding silently and serenely aloft, you’ll watch the world come to life with the sunrise, then drift down to a champagne breakfast in the middle of the desert.

    Sure to be one of the most memorable mornings of your honeymoon.

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    Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15

    Boat Trips

    A boat trip is the perfect way to experience what the Skeleton Coast is all about and to witness its natural wonders.

    The huge colonies of Cape fur seals in Walvis Bay are a must-see, with the most boisterous individuals leaping into passing boats! Depending on the time of year, boat trips can also take you to witness the majestic Humpback whale as it has recently returned to this coastline.

    Finish your trip with some sundowner cocktails on the deck.

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    Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15

    Big five safari

    Safari in the Huab Valley

    Embark on both morning and afternoon game drives, with the the opportunity to spot the coveted Black rhino, gemsbok, kudu and the area’s infamous elephants. You might also be lucky and spot a lion, cheetah, or the elusive brown hyena.

    Or if you want, a slower paced walking safari will ensure you can take in the fascinating flora and 250 species of birds of the area.

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    Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15

    Big five safari

    Witness the majesty of the Big Five in Namibia’s premier wildlife destination.

    The park’s well-maintained network of roads allow for intrepid travellers to self-drive through the park, discovering the Etosha’s famed watering holes. 

    The park’s comfortable lodges and campsites, including Anderssons, also offer guided excursions, maximising your chances of spying the hard to spot leopard and rhino. 

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    Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15

    Big five safari

    Located on the Onguma Private Reserve, wildlife is all around with more than 300 bird species, and even 4 of the Big 5.

    Lions, hyenas and cheetahs are frequently seen and there is a healthy black rhino population.

    The more adventurous can take a guided walking safari to try and get up close and personal with the reserve’s wildlife. 

    Nearby Etosha National Park is one of Africa’s most stable and accessible parks, covering an area of 22,750km². Home to numerous wildlife species such as elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, rhinos a full-day game drive is something not to be missed. 

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    Day 1 - 3 Day 3 - 5 Day 5 - 7 Day 8 - 9 Day 10 - 11 Day 12 - 13 Day 14 - 15

    Big Cat Safari

    One of the best places to spot the majestic big cats of Africa, Okonjima is a must-go destination.

    Starting life as a destination for trophy hunters, the Hanssen family have transformed the reserve into a safe haven for leopards and cheetahs.

    The AfriCat foundation educates Namibia’s young farmers and school children, works on carnivore conservation, and conducts extensive research projects.

    Learn about the conservation work of the foundation before tracking the cats in their natural habitat.

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Luxury Namibia Safari

Activities included

On this incredible luxury safari honeymoon, you will meander between Namibia’s greatest wonders. Explore the renowned starry skies of the NamibRand, visit the ancient rock art at Twyfelfontein, and cap off your adventure with a safari through the unrivalled Etosha National Park.

Pricing and considerations

This itinerary can be enjoyed all year round, but for those wanting optimal game, the best time is from July to October. 

Namibia has some of the most varied landscapes in Western Africa. From the staggering sand dunes of Sossusvlei to the big game of Etosha, it is a spectacular gateway to Africa.

Our guide price is from £9,925 (based on 2 adults), using our best value accommodation in low season.

All of our luxury safari holidays are designed on an individual basis, so this will vary depending on time of year, activities, transport methods and choice of accommodation. The best way to start planning is to contact us.

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Talk to us about your next big adventure.
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