A Tanzania luxury safari: the ultimate bucket list family holiday

Tanzania luxury safari holidays deliver outstanding experiences every time


A Tanzania luxury safari: the ultimate bucket list family holiday

When people think about their bucket list family holiday, it’s usually memorable, indulgent, breath-taking and spectacular. A Tanzania luxury family safari delivers all of this, and then some.

Tanzania Nyerere Sand Rivers Selous family safari pool

Tanzania luxury safari holidays

You may ask, what’s so special about Tanzania luxury safari holidays? Well, where to begin. Part of the appeal of Tanzania as a family safari destination is that it is so utterly diverse.

Many people have heard of the famous names, such as the Serengeti plains, or the spice islands of Zanzibar. But, those in the know speak of the country’s equally sensational, but lesser-known gems, such as the rugged landscapes of Ruaha National Park or the remote wilderness of Katavi.

Tanzania has a total of nineteen national parks, which means it’s got something for everyone. Fancy watching wildlife from the water, as you cruise the lakes and channels in your private boat? Nyerere National Park is for you. Want to marvel at the majesty of the world’s largest intact caldera? Be sure to visit the Ngorongoro Crater.

Tanzania Nyerere Roho ya selous family safari

Fancy adding some turquoise waters and sparkling beaches to your safari? Tanzania is blessed with pristine coastline and the exotic Zanzibar archipelago, full of rich history and dazzling marine life. Many families choose to combine the mainland with the islands to make the perfect family safari and beach holiday.

Planning a Tanzania luxury safari is a joy. There are so many iconic destinations, that the excitement builds amongst the family, as soon as the discussion begins.

Mnemba Island dhow jump Zanzibar

The greatest wildlife show on earth

What else makes Tanzania an ultimate bucket list family safari destination? The wildlife, of course.

If your family sits glued to David Attenborough, or National Geographic, then Tanzania will have you spellbound.

Tanzania great migration wildebeest crossing serengeti family safari

The Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra has made its way through the Serengeti in an annual pattern for time immemorial. No matter what time of year, the mega-herds can be found travelling in search of short grass and rain; feeding hungry predators as they go.

If big cats are your thing, you’re in luck. Tanzania boasts healthy populations of lion, cheetah, and leopard, all of which can be found in multiple locations. Seeing a big cat in the wild for the first time is something your family will never forget.

In Lake Manyara National Park, the lions rest in trees, to escape the elephants and tsetse flies below. In Tarangire National Park, during the dry season, huge herds of elephants make their way to the river that dissects the park.

lion tree Lake Manyara family safari

Tanzania luxury safari camps

Perhaps more than any other country in East Africa, Tanzania has a selection of luxury accommodation befitting a bucket list family safari. Tanzania luxury safari camps are some of the finest on the continent, and the bar continues to be raised.

For families, it’s hard to top a private home in one of the Serengeti’s most prime locations. Or, how about an opulent safari lodge perched on Ngorongoro Crater rim?

Tanzania Ngorongoro Gibb's Farm family safari

As well as the big safari operators, there are plenty of independent gems, such as Gibb’s Farm: a working farmstead in the Karatu hills. For the adventurous, try Ikuka Safari Camp, with its phenomenal views across the expansive landscapes of Ruaha.

To really wow the family, add in some time on Mnemba Island: a private paradise off the coast of Zanzibar. Here, you’ll stay in a luxurious banda and have your own personal butler to take care of you. More than just a luxury island idyll, Mnemba is home to a successful green turtle conservation project. If you time it right, you may get to see hatchlings make their way to the shore.

Tanzania Zanzibar Mnemba family safari sundowners beach

Planning a Tanzania bucket list family safari

If thinking of a Tanzania luxury safari has whet your appetite, you may now want to get started with planning.

With so much information available, it can be hard to know where to start; particularly, if it’s your first safari.

Here at Coral Tree, we specialise in designing luxury family safari holidays. We used to live in Tanzania and have visited many times with our own family.

We know every family’s dreams are different, so we take the time to get to know you, your interests, your hopes, and your concerns. We’ll then design a perfectly tailored safari experience, just for you.

Why not get started on ticking off that bucket list today?

Start planning

Tanzania Tarangire Manyara Chem Chem family safari

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