Linyanti Wetlands

Some of the best scenery and wildlife that Botswana has to offer

Linyanti Wetlands safaris

With a landscape similar to the Okavango Delta and an open border alongside the Chobe National Park, the Linyanti Wetlands showcase some of the best scenery and wildlife that Botswana has to offer. This game-rich region is also remarkably accessible from Botswana’s other popular safari locations, making it a favourite central point in any safari itinerary.

Each vast and varying ecosystem within the Wetlands — from grasslands to water channels, floodplains to forests, palm trees to great rivers — can be experienced from within three private reserves.

The Kwando, Selinda and Linyanti concessions may each have slightly different landscapes and wildlife, but each boasts world-class lodges and camps and truly phenomenal guides. Large breeding herds of elephants are a defining experience here, whether you are watching them swim or simply hearing them trumpet their way towards water nearby.

The Linyanti also encompasses the Savute Channel, an ancient and unpredictable mystery, dry for almost 70 years until it flooded in 1957. With so many different landscapes to experience, we suggest that travellers visit at least one land and water-based camp to experience the full range of a luxury safari in Botswana.

Linyanti Wetlands safaris
Itinerary ideas
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  • Best of Botswana Family Safari

    A family holiday to Botswana starting in the unique Okavango Delta, stopping off in the private concessions of the Linyanti, before finishing in the Chobe National Park and its huge herds of lions and elephant.

    Guide Price From £5,545 / $6,360 per person (based on 2 adults and 2 children (7-11 years) sharing a family room
    Duration 8 nights
    Best Months June - October
    Region Okavango Delta, Linyanti Wetlands, Chobe National Park,
    More Info
  • The Best of Land and Water Safaris

    A unique Botswana safari experience, exploring the game-rich Okavango Delta and Linyanti by the traditional mokoro canoe.

    Guide Price From £4,325 / $4,975 per person based on 2 adults and 2 children (under 12) sharing a family room
    Duration 6 nights
    Best Months June - October
    Region Okavango Delta, Linyanti Wetlands,
    More Info
Why are the Linyanti Wetlands a great destination for families?

Many camps in this area specialise in family safaris, which means that they understand the need for not only family tents and specialist guides but also private vehicles to ensure more flexibility in your itinerary.

Although the minimum age limit is generally six years old, some camps have no age limitations, and all camps have activities designed to appeal to each generation. For children of 12 years and up, canoe trips in dug-out mokoros are a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in this wild place, as are the short guided safari walks and horseback safaris. And activities aren’t exactly limited for younger children, who can prepare to take home stories of game drives, river safaris, helicopter rides and hot air balloon rides.

And the best thing? Your family’s visit will directly support conservation so that this pristine natural space will be protected for years to come.

What wildlife can I expect to see?

A defining wildlife experience in the Linyanti Wetlands is, of course, the large herds of elephants, but other herbivores are equally plentiful. In the second half of the year, the migrations bring in herds of Burchell’s Zebra and wildebeest.

Impala, waterbuck, kudu, reedbuck, red lechwe and buffalo congregate around the water, drawing in packs of endangered African wild dogs and other predators such as leopards, lions and cheetahs.

One of our favourite sightings is of the carmine bee-eaters, who have a charming tendency to follow game vehicles.

Best time to visit?

Whilst the Linyanti Wetlands can be visited all year around, peak wildlife viewing times tend to overlap with the Okavango Delta. This is another reason why the Wetlands are a popular addition to any luxury Botswana safari itinerary. Between June and October, the rains have stopped, and the flood waters fill each river and marsh, bringing wildlife and water activities.

However, the Summer months (November to March) are a favourite with birders from around the world, who come for the migratory birds and green, lush landscape due to the rains.

What to do in the Linyanti Wetlands?

If you are travelling to Africa to experience the wildest of wildlife, the Linyanti Wetlands is an ideal safari location for you.

The entire area is almost unbeatable for elephant sightings, although the space along the Linyanti River itself is particularly outstanding. Since accommodation can be found within private concessions, game viewing is possible at night as well as during the day, and many camps also offer helicopter flights, guided walks and even water activities such as paddling in dug-out mokoros.

And as for fishing… it may be difficult to concentrate on your line whilst elephants are swimming nearby, as Rosanna discovered a couple of years ago, but we have a feeling you won’t mind the distraction!

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Places to stay
Recommended Linyanti Wetlands accommodation
Places to stay
Recommended Linyanti Wetlands accommodation

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